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We take applications all year round for exhibitions by female artists and curators.  We encourage diverse, cutting edge and playful exhibitions from a range of mediums and styles. For information and to apply using the button below.  Should you be successful a member of our team will be in contact with you.  Please note we receive applications every month and due to the workload; we are unable to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.  

Join our artistic Fellowship

We believe that every artist needs a community. We believe that true strength lies in community.  A community that hears your musings and helps you crystallise your ideas.  A community that is there to witness your 'wins' and your 'not-so-wins'.  A community that will show up to your next show.  A community that will collaborate and share.  

We are that community. The Artistic Circle Fellowship is a membership based program focussed on supporting the creative process.  Run by experienced facilitators, artists and educators; members meet monthly to discuss their practice.  Each month is based loosely on a provocation to prompt thinking and discussion.  All responses are valid.  Many artists have formed strong friendships within the group, collaborated on projects and exhibited together. 

Included in the membership are exclusive opportunities to exhibit (our member show is a highlight in our calendar) and access to our private Facebook group.

It is open to all female artists on application. $30 per month (Full) or $15 (concession).  Email us for further information.

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