Claire Needham

Claire Needham grew up in southern Tasmania constantly exploring the wilderness areas around her. Drawn to the details and intricate patterns of Tasmania’s unique flora & fauna, she discovered a similar interest in patina and textures. Claire’s work is often inspired by this connection to nature. Currently residing in Melbourne she has recently undertaken a Collections Management Internship with Banyule Council and their contemporary art space Hatch Gallery. Claire holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) from University of Tasmania. She was awarded a curatorial mentorship at CAST (now CAT) producing the group show Out of Site (2011). | | insta@_nymf_


ClaireNeedham_businesscard_photography_2010 - Claire Needham.jpg
ClaireNeedham_LusciousBubble_mixedmedia_2012 - Claire Needham.jpg
ClaireNeedham_VisitingNeighbours_video_2017 - Claire Needham.jpg
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