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We champion women in the arts

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The Artists Guild is a social enterprise that exists to close the gender divide in the Arts. We are an innovative gallery and art hub; that provides peer support for *female artists to create, connect and collaborate. We support women in their individual creative journeys through co-creating sessions, provocations, artistic circles, critiques, conversations, showings, group exhibitions and workshops. The Artists Guild is situated in District Docklands in Melbourne and  features a workshop space, retail store, and gallery tailored specifically for the needs of women and showcasing the work of female artists.  We are proudly supported by Renew Australia, District Docklands and Docklands Art Collective.

*The Artists Guild uses an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. All members must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.



What we do


Artistic Circle fellowship

We believe that every artist needs a community. We believe that true strength lies in community.  A community that hears your musings and helps you crystallise your ideas.  A community that is there to witness your 'wins' and your 'not-so-wins'.  A community that will show up to your next show.  A community that will collaborate and share.  

We are that community. The Artistic Circle Fellowship is a membership based program focussed on supporting the creative process.  Run by experienced facilitators, artists and educators; members meet monthly to discuss their practice.  Each month is based loosely on a provocation to prompt thinking and discussion.  All responses are valid.  Many artists have formed strong friendships within the group, collaborated on projects and exhibited together. 

Included in the membership are exclusive opportunities to exhibit (our member show is a highlight in our calendar) and access to our private Facebook group.

It is open to all female artists on application. $30 per month (Full) or $15 (concession).  Email us for further information.


Situated in District Docklands and supported by Renew Australia; the Artists Guild Gallery showcases emerging and experienced female artists.  We have an inclusive approach to curating and are committed to diversity in the Arts.  We host showings, artistic residencies and artist talks.  Alongside our curated program we offer opportunities for artists to hire the space for their own exhibits and events.  

Much more than a gallery, The Artists Guild Gallery is an incubator for new creative businesses, providing support with the issues specifically faced by women in the creative arts, as well as more general professional development and skill sharing. Our meeting and gathering spaces host networking events designed to accelerate connections between people and ideas and promote collaboration.

Our public and member only events (which will include talks, artistic circles, retreats, conferences and workshops) are designed and curated to provide opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to make meaningful connections, build their profile and share skills, both with one another and the broader community.

Our space is child-friendly, with a break out area for kids to play in, toys, microwave for warming bottles and breastfeeding chairs.  

Workshops | Talks

Throughout the year we offer to the public a range of workshops and talks.    Hop on our Instagram or join our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest offerings. 

Mentoring and scholarhips

We offer a range of tailored mentoring programs as well as full and part scholarships to our Artistic Circle Fellowship.  These Access scholarships are offered to increase diversity in the Arts, improve access to arts programs and assist women experiencing hardship. 


Coming soon!  Watch this space.

Picture women supporting women.  Think wise, hilarious and thoughtful conversations about art and creation.  Think cutting edge industry advice.  It will all be here and more on the Artists Guild Podcast.  At the moment we are at the funding and planning stage.  If you would like to hear more or are interested in sponsoring the show - get in touch.  


We don't think it is enough to have a gallery for women.  We want more women in exhibits throughout Australia.  We are committed to closing the gender gap; and creating conversations about the power of womens' work where ever we can. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up with what we are doing to create change. 

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What I love about the Guild is they meet you where you are with no judgement. They listen, reflect and carry you forward. It is almost imperceptible but the progress happens with genuine ease and enjoyment. The sharing of ideas and process is a real joy and helps breakdown the isolation I often experience in my creative work.
— Danielle Smelter - Artist Guild Fellowship member
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A problem worth solving

In 2011, a wide reaching worldwide study conducted by the Association of Art Museum Directors in the US found the following: That over 60% of students in Tertiary Arts programs are women (in Australia it is closer to  70%). However, only 5% of women are represented as top earning artists and only 20% worldwide are in solo exhibitions and collections. For many women, art out of necessity has to take a back seat to child-rearing.  The Artists Guild is a much needed solution to assist in closing the gap between women and men in the Arts.  We believe that women can raise their children AND have successful careers in the Arts, provided they have enough support. Why are women in only 5%?

Well the reasons are complex, but we would posit the following.  That women are often placed in caring roles, with little support for them to care for others never mind the support to care for themselves and their creative endeavours.  Because as children they absorb the messages in society that attracting attention as a woman is inherently unsafe.  They can’t take a walk in a park alone without someone questioning whether this action is ‘safe’, responsible or the right thing to do.  They aim to  make themselves small and invisible travelling on public transport so as not to attract unwarranted, unsolicited attention. They are cajoled in the work place for being ‘too pushy’,too emotional and too attractive. So its no wonder that so many women place their art on hold. Making art requires support, it requires space and time.  Resources that are not always available to the mother sequestered at home caring for her kids.

The Artists Guild aims to address the following:

  • Lack of visibility for women in the arts
  • Lack of access for women to resources, time, material and expertise.
  • Lack of support systems for women in the arts. 

Current statistics representing gender bias in the Arts. 

Statistics courtesy of the Countess Report

“You can’t change the story, but you can change the way you tell it and what you focus on. You can’t rewrite history, but you can shake it up.”
Hannah Gatsby

Students in Tertiary Fine Arts Programs (Australia)

Percentage of exhibiting opportunities (Australia)

Percentage of Art reviews (Australia)

Top earning artists worldwide
The guild pulls together women from diverse backgrounds and age brackets away from their ivory towers/garrets/kitchens/offices to form a nourishing community. It promotes professional development; and through its’ strong and energetic entrepreneurial leadership team; opportunities to exhibit are regularly provided. It is embued with a fantastic and positive energy to support and encourage us all.
— Janita Ryan - Artistic Circle Fellowship Member
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Interested in joining our Fellowship or finding out about our other services and programs?  


OUr Team.

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Emily Raubenheimer | Co-Founder - Director

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Karima Baadilla | Director

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Claire Weigall | Co-Founder


Hollie Fifer | Director


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Avrille O'Doherty (Burrows) | Director


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